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Keep Calm


Egg & Oil Hair Mask

An easy three step hair treatment for dry, dull hair.

oil and egg hair mask

Full of vitamins, protein and penetrative oils this hair mask will get your hair feeling luscious in no time at all.

Apply to slightly damp hair, why? Because damp hair is easier to work with.

No egg whites? Because the whites of eggs are very sticky and can make hair feel dryer or cause it to glue itself together.  Best not to cause yourself more tangles if you are trying to grow your hair and keep it healthy.

For  more effective results from this hair treatment; wrap your hair in plastic wrap and warm your head in the sun.  The oils will penetrate better and you will get a dose of your daily Vitamin D (Sunshine).

Cheese and Crackers

I came across this interesting story in an email from: Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni, Founders of BioTrust Nutrition.

‘An interesting and inspiring story from the best selling book Your Best Life Now, Joel Osteen tells the story of a man who travels across the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise, yet never ate in the dining hall with the other passengers.  Instead, at meal time the man went off by himself and ate from a supply of cheese and crackers that he brought along with him.

Near the end of the trip, another passenger asked him “Why don’t you come join us in the dining hall tonight for dinner?”

Embarrassed, the man replied “Well, to tell you the truth, I only had enough money to purchase my ticket.  I don’t have any extra money to purchase fancy meals.”Vinegar hair rinse

Somewhat baffled, the other passenger replied, “Sir, don’t you realize the meals are already included in the price of the ticket?  Your meals have already been paid for!”

Now, hearing this story it’s very easy to think “OMG, how could this guy be such an idiot?”, but the truth is, many times we’re just like him.

In life, we have a banquet hall of opportunity in front of us, yet still, many people settle for a life of cheese and crackers.

The potential within you; it’s truly limitless.  Still, so many never achieve it, or realise it.  We settle for average, or even worse, the executioner of success:  “good enough”.’

“I wish I could have a hair like hers.”*

Cheese and crackers.

“I can’t do it.  I just don’t have what it takes, the willpower or the patience.”*

Cheese and crackers.

“I’ve always had horrible hair.  I just wasn’t meant to have naturally nice hair.”*

Cheese and crackers!

What excuses are you making today that are preventing you from realising the potential that is already inside of you?  You see, your meals have already been paid for!  That potential, it’s already within you.

Still, you’ll never know just how satisfying it can be as long as you continue to settle for cheese and crackers.

Today, we challenge you to drop the “cheese and crackers” mentality and join the others in the banquet hall.  The feast has already been paid for and it’s rightfully yours.

End Quote

*adapted to be hair related

Ok, by now you have most likely read my book The Lush Long Hair Care Guide, and if you haven’t DO IT NOW, stop putting up with ‘Cheese and Crackers’, get out there and do something about your hair, starting TODAY.

Nearly half the Tips & Ideas I included in the book are FREE or can be found in your kitchen. So get to it!!!

14 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Numerous studies, research based books and internet health gurus are all singing the praises of Coconut Oil, the latest ‘Super Food’, which not too long ago was demonised for its high saturated fat content and was banished from our households.

But it seems Coconut Oil has now made a very exciting comeback especially when it comes to looking after your health. Here’s a run down of 14 benefits Coconut Oil can have for your hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Inexpensive Hair Care Alternative.
In comparison to some of the more expensive supermarket and salon hair care treatments, in its purest form with all of its benefits is relatively inexpensive.

2. Nourishes Hair.
It boosts the health and shine of hair thanks to the Fatty acids, Vitamin E and K it contains. Massaging it into the hair shaft will moisturise your ends.

3. Scalp Massage Oil.
Massaging it into the scalp helps prevent the build-up of dry skin and stimulates blood circulation making it easier for your hair follicles to absorb nutrients.

4. Reduces Frizz.
When used as a pre-wash treatment it reduces frizz. Being hydrophobic (inhibits the penetration of water), it stops hair from swelling too much when wet. Hygral fatigue to your hair is caused by the frequent expanding while wet and contracting when dry. Less swelling and expanding when wet results in less frizz when dry.14 Benefits of Coconut for Your Hair

5. Reduces Hair Loss.
The high Lauric Acid content gives it anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This is good news for anyone suffering from any of the many scalp issues including dandruff, alopecia, ring worm and dermatitis that are common causes of hair loss and thinning hair.

6. Deep Conditioning Treatment.
For those with damaged or porous hair a hot oil treatment with Coconut Oil helps seal in and prevent protein loss, making hair stronger and silkier.

7. Hair Sunscreen.
In the past, Coconut oil was used as an effective sunscreen to protect the skin. Its antioxidant properties can do the same for your hair. It helps prevent burning and oxidative damage to hair by sealing it and blocking the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

8. Head Lice Treatment.
Regular oiling of the hair will suffocate head lice (nits) and inhibit their ability to maintain their grip on the hair shaft.

9. Reduces Friction.
Lubricates the hair thereby stopping friction. Reduced friction and static electricity between the hair fibres results in less frizz, tangles and hair breakage.

10. Hair Protectant.
By coating and penetrating the hair shaft, it can protect hair against the harshness of bleach, sea salt, swimming pool water and other external elements.

11. Shampoo treatment.
Before throwing away the expensive shampoos that you now realise are too harsh and drying your hair out, by adding a couple of tablespoons you can effectively convert your old shampoo into a moisturising protein treatment for your hair.

12. Leave in moisturiser.
A little oil added to the ends of the hair adds lustre, shine and softness. Making it easier to comb your hair with less tangles.

13. Aids digestion.
The fatty acids it contains are absorbed easier and quicker in the digestive tract than longer chain fatty acids found in other fats. They also help other nutrients become absorbed as well. A better utilisation of nutrients results in a healthier body and hair.

14. Increased Growth.
The combination of all these benefits of using coconut oil leads to an increase in hair growth.

Like all ‘Super Foods’ you want it in its purest form with minimal human interference. For best results use pure unrefined virgin coconut oil, organic if available.

A – Z of Hair Care Tips

Finding time in your day to achieving that shiny, lustrous hair you’ve always dreamt of, or recapturing the beautiful hair you used to have, can be as simple as A-B-C! What follows is an A-to-Z list of healthy hair care tips. Try a few each day and you’re sure to find some that work for you.A-Z Hair Care

Ayurveda: Ayurvedic herbs have long held secrets for the treatment of thinning and breaking hair. Nourish your hair and scalp with Eclipta Alba and Gotu Kolacan, two of my favourite Ayurvedic herbs.

Biotin: Also known as vitamin H or B7, it is responsible for the creation of the Keratin in our hair. Take it as a supplement or get it naturally from foods such as eggs and avocados.

Chemical processing: Ban chemicals from your hair care routine and you will see an immediate improvement to the health of your hair.  Chemicals found in hair dyes, perming solutions and chemical straightening, can all damage your hair’s internal structure causing weathering and lead to breakage.

D Vitamin: Sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D, although it can be taken as a supplement too. D Vitamins are important to your overall health, including a healthy head of hair.

Eggs: These pocket rocket, compact, ready to go snacks are a cheap source of high quality protein and a slew of other important vitamins and minerals, including sulphur, the beauty mineral.

Fo Ti: An ancient Chinese herb, otherwise known as He Shou Wu, is a natural anti-androgen. In layman terms this means it can stop hair loss and helps combat Male Pattern Baldness.

Genetics: It is important to come to terms with the hand, or shall we say hair, that Mother Nature dealt you.  Look for styles and cuts that suit your hair type and stop fighting the genetic card you were blessed with. Torturing hair into submission usually means over processing, frizz and lots of unnecessary tears.

Hormones: Your diet, age and stress levels will have effects on your hormones.  Some hormone imbalances can lead to hair loss.

Iron: Ensure you are eating plenty of iron rich foods. Low iron levels can lead to Anaemia and low energy levels. A common side effect of Anaemia is hair loss.

Jazz it up: Have fun with your hair, enjoy it what ever the length or style.

Keratin: Our hair is made up mostly of Keratin, a protein that gives hair it’s strength.  Using excessive heat and the external environment can corrode the keratin in our hair.

Loose hairstyles: Loose hairstyles mean less stress on your hair follicles and less breakage to hair during the day and when you sleep.

Massage: Getting good blood flow to nourish your hair follicles is important if you are wanting to stimulate growth.  A scalp massage is also very relaxing and will help alleviate stress, which can inhibit hair growth and cause shedding.

Nuts: Nuts are another powerhouse food full of nutrients, healthy fats and oils, and protein.  All of which are important for optimal healthy hair growth.

Oil: When it comes to increasing shine and protecting hair, you can’t go past oils.  Popular oils to oil your hair with include Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Almond Oil.

Protein:  Protein is essential to stimulate hair growth and is important in building and strengthening the hair shaft.  Weak brittle hair can sometimes be an indicator of the need to increase your protein intake.

Quality products: The products you use on your hair do not always have to be expensive, but they should always be of high quality. The same goes for the food you eat to feed your hair internally. Remember quality counts.

Repetitive hair styling: Doing your hair in the same style everyday can lead to stress on your hair shaft.  Go for mixing up the buns you wear and the position of your ponytails.

Shampoo: Washing your hair too often can lead to dryness and brittle ends.  Experiment with how often you shampoo.

Trimming:  If your hair is damaged from over processing you will need to trim regularly.  Self trimming should only be attempted with very sharp hair dressing scissors.

Up dos: Save your hair from damage caused by seat belts and handbag straps by wearing your hair up and out of harm’s way.

Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is a cheap solution for removing product build-up and taming frizz.

Wide tooth comb: Overzealous brushing can lead to frizzy hard to manage hair, invest in a quality wide tooth comb to combat tangles.

X-tra Gentle: Treat your tresses like Nanna’s antique silk.  When hair is wet or damaged from chemical processing take extra care of it and be gentle with it.

Yoyo dieting: A healthy eating plan is essential for hair growth, yoyo and crash diets can lead to massive hair shedding and stalled growth. Eating healthy and staying away from over processed, sugary food is beneficial to both your hair and your waistline.

Zinc: The mineral Zinc is critical for hair growth and to stop hair from shedding, it is also essential for your body to properly absorb iron.  Thinning hair is often a result of low Zinc levels.

Find the Cause to Find the Cure: Hair Care Solutions to Heal Your Hair

Recently, whilst partaking in an online chat room discussion I was asked a  familiar question by an older lady in regards to the health of her hair. She  wanted to know why it would not grow and why it was falling out.

So, I asked her a string of questions relating to her hair. I started my  spiel with the most common questions first.

Do you dye it? Are you using heat to style it? How often do you shampoo?

These questions were followed by the more personal ones.

How’s your health? Taking any medications? What are you eating?

Unfortunately for her, she fobbed most of these questions off as irrelevant,  insisting that she just wanted to know what to buy and which are the best brands  to use on her hair. She was convinced the solution to her hair problems would be  found in a bottle.

This encounter got me thinking about writing this postDamage cycle. You see, in this day and age we seem to be programmed into assuming there is a miracle cure-all for our hair problems, if we just find the right concoction, all our hair problems will just disappear.

Err… wrong. Contrary to popular belief and after reading reams of medical  studies and research papers I do not think this is the way to ‘fix your damaged  hair’. In fact, I kind of think most of the products on the supermarket and  chemist shelves are just band-aid solutions to our hair issues.

What’s even worse is that most of these hair care products don’t prevent or  cure any of the issues you have with your hair they’re geared to address;  rather, they’re designed to just treat symptoms.

Finding the root cause to ‘bad hair days’ and ‘problem hair’ seems to have  fallen off of most people’s radar. There are so many factors that influence the  end result that is the state of your hair, and these factors should be taken  into account when searching for answers and solutions.

Hair shedding is a perfect example. If your hair is falling out you should  start by checking your diet and the side effects of any medications you may be  taking. Instead we try various enhanced shampoos, an expensive laser stimulation  session and maybe even have some extensions stuck in, but nothing is being  corrected or fixed with such regimens.

So, before reaching for the deep conditioner or a protein pack to douse your  hair with next weekend, why not think about which hair practises you are doing  that are causing damage to your hair.

Allison Tyson author The Lush Long Hair Care Guide