LoMax Hair Quiz

Hey guys and gals!! Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards getting your hair healthy.

Take a moment from your day, and answer the LoMax hair quiz questions I’ve listed to gauge the effects your lifestyle and hair care routine are having on your hair and its health.Questions questions

I am passionate (not obsessed) about healthy hair, it not only looks good, it also makes you feel good. Which is why I can’t get enough about everything hair and have a blast blogging about it at the same time!

I am a proud mother of two kids and know first hand the devastational effects unhealthy hair can have on your emotional wellbeing and self confidence.  I lived with ‘bad hair’ for over two decades.  Thankfully, I now have the hair I always wanted and now I want it for you too.

So here’s the lowdown:

I have put this quiz together to help you work out if you have the dreaded LoMax hair. Before you take the quiz I will explain what LoMax hair is.

Lo = Low growth rate / Max = Maximum hair breakage

The quiz includes a list of questions you need to answer to work out if you have Lo or Max (LoMax) hair or a combination of both. Have a piece of paper and a pen ready so you can keep score as you read through the LoMax quiz.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take the LoMax quiz now:


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