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New eBook

Our new eBook is OUT NOW

The Principles to getting fit staying slim and being sexy

It is easy too read and will help you cut your workout times in half and there is no need to diet and count calories.  Just use the info to make informed decisions about your health, workouts and food choices.  Could not have made it any easier and cut through the confusion.

Link to Amazon Kindle Edition

The eBook is FREE for download from Thursday 6th Feb ’til Monday 10th Feb 2014

Don’t STRESS Your Hair Out!

Try these stress busting foods to help lower your stress levels.

Foods to lessen stress

Stress is a factor associated with hair loss and comes in many forms – illness, divorce, lack of sleep, your work, kids etc

Eating healthy and finding time to relax combined with a good night’s sleep will help you beat stress and not lose your hair over it.

You can read more about stress and it’s effects in my book The Lush Long Hair Care Guide.