Cheese and Crackers

I came across this interesting story in an email from: Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni, Founders of BioTrust Nutrition.

‘An interesting and inspiring story from the best selling book Your Best Life Now, Joel Osteen tells the story of a man who travels across the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise, yet never ate in the dining hall with the other passengers.  Instead, at meal time the man went off by himself and ate from a supply of cheese and crackers that he brought along with him.

Near the end of the trip, another passenger asked him “Why don’t you come join us in the dining hall tonight for dinner?”

Embarrassed, the man replied “Well, to tell you the truth, I only had enough money to purchase my ticket.  I don’t have any extra money to purchase fancy meals.”Vinegar hair rinse

Somewhat baffled, the other passenger replied, “Sir, don’t you realize the meals are already included in the price of the ticket?  Your meals have already been paid for!”

Now, hearing this story it’s very easy to think “OMG, how could this guy be such an idiot?”, but the truth is, many times we’re just like him.

In life, we have a banquet hall of opportunity in front of us, yet still, many people settle for a life of cheese and crackers.

The potential within you; it’s truly limitless.  Still, so many never achieve it, or realise it.  We settle for average, or even worse, the executioner of success:  “good enough”.’

“I wish I could have a hair like hers.”*

Cheese and crackers.

“I can’t do it.  I just don’t have what it takes, the willpower or the patience.”*

Cheese and crackers.

“I’ve always had horrible hair.  I just wasn’t meant to have naturally nice hair.”*

Cheese and crackers!

What excuses are you making today that are preventing you from realising the potential that is already inside of you?  You see, your meals have already been paid for!  That potential, it’s already within you.

Still, you’ll never know just how satisfying it can be as long as you continue to settle for cheese and crackers.

Today, we challenge you to drop the “cheese and crackers” mentality and join the others in the banquet hall.  The feast has already been paid for and it’s rightfully yours.

End Quote

*adapted to be hair related

Ok, by now you have most likely read my book The Lush Long Hair Care Guide, and if you haven’t DO IT NOW, stop putting up with ‘Cheese and Crackers’, get out there and do something about your hair, starting TODAY.

Nearly half the Tips & Ideas I included in the book are FREE or can be found in your kitchen. So get to it!!!


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