14 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Numerous studies, research based books and internet health gurus are all singing the praises of Coconut Oil, the latest ‘Super Food’, which not too long ago was demonised for its high saturated fat content and was banished from our households.

But it seems Coconut Oil has now made a very exciting comeback especially when it comes to looking after your health. Here’s a run down of 14 benefits Coconut Oil can have for your hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Inexpensive Hair Care Alternative.
In comparison to some of the more expensive supermarket and salon hair care treatments, in its purest form with all of its benefits is relatively inexpensive.

2. Nourishes Hair.
It boosts the health and shine of hair thanks to the Fatty acids, Vitamin E and K it contains. Massaging it into the hair shaft will moisturise your ends.

3. Scalp Massage Oil.
Massaging it into the scalp helps prevent the build-up of dry skin and stimulates blood circulation making it easier for your hair follicles to absorb nutrients.

4. Reduces Frizz.
When used as a pre-wash treatment it reduces frizz. Being hydrophobic (inhibits the penetration of water), it stops hair from swelling too much when wet. Hygral fatigue to your hair is caused by the frequent expanding while wet and contracting when dry. Less swelling and expanding when wet results in less frizz when dry.14 Benefits of Coconut for Your Hair

5. Reduces Hair Loss.
The high Lauric Acid content gives it anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This is good news for anyone suffering from any of the many scalp issues including dandruff, alopecia, ring worm and dermatitis that are common causes of hair loss and thinning hair.

6. Deep Conditioning Treatment.
For those with damaged or porous hair a hot oil treatment with Coconut Oil helps seal in and prevent protein loss, making hair stronger and silkier.

7. Hair Sunscreen.
In the past, Coconut oil was used as an effective sunscreen to protect the skin. Its antioxidant properties can do the same for your hair. It helps prevent burning and oxidative damage to hair by sealing it and blocking the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

8. Head Lice Treatment.
Regular oiling of the hair will suffocate head lice (nits) and inhibit their ability to maintain their grip on the hair shaft.

9. Reduces Friction.
Lubricates the hair thereby stopping friction. Reduced friction and static electricity between the hair fibres results in less frizz, tangles and hair breakage.

10. Hair Protectant.
By coating and penetrating the hair shaft, it can protect hair against the harshness of bleach, sea salt, swimming pool water and other external elements.

11. Shampoo treatment.
Before throwing away the expensive shampoos that you now realise are too harsh and drying your hair out, by adding a couple of tablespoons you can effectively convert your old shampoo into a moisturising protein treatment for your hair.

12. Leave in moisturiser.
A little oil added to the ends of the hair adds lustre, shine and softness. Making it easier to comb your hair with less tangles.

13. Aids digestion.
The fatty acids it contains are absorbed easier and quicker in the digestive tract than longer chain fatty acids found in other fats. They also help other nutrients become absorbed as well. A better utilisation of nutrients results in a healthier body and hair.

14. Increased Growth.
The combination of all these benefits of using coconut oil leads to an increase in hair growth.

Like all ‘Super Foods’ you want it in its purest form with minimal human interference. For best results use pure unrefined virgin coconut oil, organic if available.


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