Tested on My Kids, Not Animals

Yep, you read that right.  I applied some of the techniques in my book ‘The Lush Long Hair Care Guide’ and this is what happened. The photos were taken in January 2011 and July 2013

Before and After hair growth


9 thoughts on “Tested on My Kids, Not Animals

  1. What exactly did you do to help your kids hair grow and change so drastically? Can you outlien the major changes you made or what you did exactly? Thanks! I would love to see this much of a change in my hair!

    • Hi Charlotte
      My kids (she was 7 in the 1st photo) were always getting headlice. I believe the state of her hair was from the harsh chemicals from the lice treatments. Other harsh chemicals can be found in hair dyes (inc the ones the hairdresser applies) and harsh shampoos. She was also a picky eater which did not help either. Here’s her hair routine:
      Eat no processed food just healthy yummy nutritious foods. Simple stuff like avocado on toast, sushi, stir fry veges and chicken etc
      Coconut oil overnight soak 2x a week
      Mild shampoo 2x a week (baby shampoo or chemical free shampoos)
      Exercise (soccer 2x a week and general play)
      Conditioner only washes every night
      Tangle teaser to comb hair, no brushing or heat styling
      Best of luck with your hair
      ps I have heaps of other tips in the book I wrote too https://thelushlonghaircareguide.com/

      • Hi Charlotte
        I have a backlog of work & been busy, but will try and answer your questions as best I can. Lets have a look:
        Firstly, your splits and white dots indicate dryness and nutrient deficiency. If you are using NO heat then I would look into diet. Are you getting enough healthy oils/fats? Avocado, nuts and fish. I eat nuts and avo almost daily. Try oiling your ends when they are dry only to avoid hydral fatigue ( http://www.hairliciousinc.com/2011/08/could-hygral-fatigue-be-damaging-your.html ), and oil your hair prior to shampooing or add a dash of oil to your shampoo.
        I rarely do deep conditioning or protein treatments. I prefer tea rinses, my favourites are Rooibos, nettle and horsetail. Pour them over after showering 3x a week. I rarely brush, I only comb if I can’t move a tangle with my fingers. I always wear my hair up, until it is thick all the way through that’s the sacrifice I’ll make. I scalp massage castor oil/coconut oil it 2x a week, leave it in overnight and shampoo in the morning. I shampoo only the morning after I castor oil it.
        I got my hands on some Diatomaceous earth and had good results. This indicates my diet was lacking in silica. My other main supplements I am using now are Gelatin and MSM. I eat eggs almost daily and there is always protein and dark green veges in every night time meal.
        Lastly, patience. It took three years to get rid of my damage, I could’ve grown it longer but my fine brittle ends had to go. To the touch my hair feels like silk now (used to feel like broom bristles and crunch at the touch) and my thickness is slowly creeping down with every month.

      • Hello Allison,

        I have read your book “The Lush Long Hair Care Guide” and I love it. Thank you for your hard work and research and for sharing it with others.

        I am trying to grow out my fine, damaged hair. I have switched to all natural shampoo bars, do occasional oiling, do not heat style and eat healthy. I exercise as well. My hair has improved a little, but not as much as I like. I am still getting split ends, thin ends, white dots and my hair feels thin. I used to have long beautiful hair and would like to get it back, but I don’t seem to be making much progress. I am not ill or on any medications

        Can you tell me what your favorite tips from the book are? What is most important for you and works best for you in growing healthy hair? Can you recommend a daily routine of certain things I should do each day? I liked your comments on the post about your daughters hair and the specific things you did each week and day and it was wonderful to see the change in her hair in the pictures. Could you tell me what you have done to improve your hair?

        Should I do a deep condition 1X per week?
        Should I do a protein treatment 1X per week?
        What about herbs and rinses- how often?
        What about brushing and combing? Do or don’t?
        What about white dots- they are everywhere, and I no longer heat style or blow dry! What should I do?
        Any tips for making my hair thicker?

        Thank you so much Allison! I appreciate your time in helping me by answering my more specific questions!

  2. Thank you SO much! Your comments are extremely helpful! What are some of the hair friendly ways you wear your hair up? Do you use claw clips, bobby pins, hair sticks, do a sock bun or cinnamon bun?

    Do you have a favorite moisturizing conditioner?

    • I love braids and messy buns. So my ‘go to’ are loose braids, claw clips and hair sticks. Try and avoid twisting too tight in the same spot everyday though, you want to avoid repetitive damage if doing the same style each time.

      For moisturiser I’d have to say coconut oil residue from the night before or a bit of Argan oil. Makeup Artist Choice organic Argan oil and it is dirt cheap without all the additives. 🙂

      • Thank you! I love hearing what specific steps you took to improve your hair, and just how much it did improve! Such an encouragement!

        How often do you shampoo? I know some long hair care guides say not to shampoo too often. I have fine thin hair and shampoo every other day. Should I try to stretch it out even more? What would you suggest?

        And how much coconut oil do you use in your overnight soaks? ( I think I tend to do too much- what would your recommend so it does its job, but is still easy to shampoo out of the hair?)

        Thanks so much! 🙂

      • Hi Charlotte
        I shampoo only on the mornings after I have done a castor oil or heavy coconut oil (enough to cover my palm for heavy, or just a small amt on the ends if a light oil) treatment. Usually only 1 or 2x a week, on the other days any time I get in the shower I always conditioner only my ends to prevent tangles and to rinse out excess coconut oil residue. I have fine thin hair too, so give it a try and see if it suits you too.

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