Februhairy Edition 2013

Out NOW ebook $3.99

Hardcopy $12.95

February Edition

Feruhairy Edition

…it’s all in ‘The Lush Long Hair Care Guide’

Februhairy ‘The Love your hair’ Valentines issue: Not everyone loves their hair, infact many of us have high levels of ‘hair envy’.  Make some simple changes and start loving your hair into health.

Love me Tender – 5 Ways to reduce breakage to your hair: Everyday overhandling, snagging and the way we style our hair are major contributors to hair breakage. We give you more than 5 solutions to save your precious strands.

Head over heels – Tips and advice to grow your hair to your heels: Growing your hair to terminal length is now possible, that is, if you have all the bases covered.  We show you how to care for, repair and avoid damage to get your hair to the length you want to grow it. Be that to your heels, waist or just to your shoulders.  

The Sunshine of my life – A little sun may be exactly what your hair needs: The Sun is not all bad, infact if we did not have it life on this Earth would not survive and they same can be said for your hair.  But beware too much of a good thing can be just as bad!

Up wear it belongs and other ideas to keep your hair safe from snags and tangles: Wearing your hair up does not have to be boring, and it plays a critical factor in growing it healthy and long.




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