January 2013 The New Year

Is 2013 the year you decide to grow your hair?

January 2013 Mag cover

Stop the chop – At wits end? Try these ideas before your next hair cut: Cutting your hair off may not be the answer, infact sometimes it changes nothing.  Simple changes to your hair routine may be all you need to salvage your ends instead of hacking them off.

All that glitters – Get the shine without the use of chemicals & dyes: Many chemical dyes will give your hair ‘short lived’ shine before it washes right out of your hair.  We’ve found inexpensive alternatives that will boost your hairs health and give it maximum shine.

Tousel me softly – Bring out your waves the natural way:  Fighting your hair’s natural texture may just be the #1 factor sagotaging your hair’s health.  Embracing your hair’s natural waves, kinks and curls could lead you to the hair you didn’t know you had. We’ve included techniques to get you the hair you’ve always wanted.

Cone of silence – What don’t you know? The secret to finding hair care that helps your hair: Don’t look now but there is something in your shampoo and conditioner??? it is robbing your hair of its health AND can lead to thinner hair.  And don’t think you’re safe just because yours says it is ‘natural’ .  We show you what to look for and what to avoid.

What’s ahead for your hair in the New Year? Make 2013 the year you get the hair you want: Stop waiting for your hair to change, the future of your hair is in YOUR hands, why wait another moment? Do something about it today, don’t wait another year.


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