November Edition

Yep…It is all in the book.

Nov mag cover

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Stop the shedding, stop the damage and start growing!!: Shedding or losing clumps of hair, damaged hair falling out or breaking off? Find out how to put a stop to it with clinically researched methods, that won’t send you broke.

Ancient east meets the modern west -1000 year old hair loss remedies that really work: Indian and Chinese medicine using inexpensive herbs that will improve your hair’s growth, condition and your overall health. 

Blonde Ambition – Put the life back into your bleached hair: Bleaching your hair does not necessarily mean you’ll have to sacrifice your length for the sake of colour.  A simple soak may be all you need to save your hair from turning to fairyfloss.

Natural Highlights – The ‘how to’ on using herbs & honey to lighten your hair: The shocking truth is there are ways to lighten your hair naturally without harsh chemical processing.

Tea for two – Brew your own hair rinses, supplements and tonics: Inexpensive plant based teas to reinvigorate and repair your hair.

Stop wasting money on your hair – Natural and economical solutions: Forget costly visits to the hair salon for protein and conditioning treatments. These DIY pennysavers will save you time, money and your hair. 


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