September Edition

September Edition

Splitting up – How to deal with breakage, thinning and fragile hair: Managing to grow your hair long is one thing, but keeping it in top shape is another.  In the Lush Long Hair Care Guide we find inexpensive solutions to stopping breakage, lessening thinning and strengthening fragile hair.

Universal Truths – Regardless of hair type these truths will work for you: There is no one solution to fix all hair types but with over 50 tips and ideas there are bound to be answers you’ve overlooked and have not yet tried in fixing your hair qualms. 

Short & Curlies – How to get healthy hair at any length: Knowledge is power, once you know how your hair works and how critical external and internal factors can influence the health of your hair, you will finally have the answers to getting that healthy hair you’ve always wanted. 

When benign neglect just won’t cut it: Some folks are just plain ‘ole lucky when it comes to growing their hair, blessed with long locks that just grow and looks perfectly coiffed all the time… if you AREN’T one of them, and growing your hair seems an impossiblity, don’t give up, benign neglect does not work for everyone, some of us have to work at it and this book shows you exactly how.

Phenomenal Growth – Get your hair to grow like weeds:  Find out what is stopping your hair from growing to its maximum rate and how to actually make it grow faster.

The Facts vs Fiction – What works and what won’t: There are many wives tales, tall tales and folk lore alluding to ways to care for your hair, let’s not also forget the marketing machine of big business selling you their wares from the shopping centre shelves too, we researched and studied the truth then backed it all up with scientific research papers, printed it, then bound it and passed it on to you in the hit seller 

The Lush Long Hair Care Guide ‘.

Feed me – Eat your way to healthier hair : Like a plant needs certain nutrients and conditions to grow strong and healthy, so does your hair.  From the budding new hairs forming in the follicle to the dry split ends, we help solve the riddle and get you growing



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