June 2012 Edition

On Sale  $7.99 now $3.99 until the end of June 2012 

Get yours NOW!!50 Shades of Grey Hair June 2012 Edition

50 Shades of Gray – It’s time to embrace, enhance & highlight your grays: Gray hair is THE ‘new black’, and like any hair it needs special care and attention to keep it in prime condition.  Read ‘how to’  enhance, highlight and take care of your hair grey hair.

Buffalo Tracks – The benefits of mixing up your hair do’s & avoiding hair RSI:  That part down the middle of your hair line could be there permanently if you don’t take action NOW.  Find out how the way you part your hair can have effects that last a life time!

The theif in the night – How to stop losing hair when you sleep: Read our three easy solutions to help STOP losing hair at night and finding them on your pillow each morning.

Friend or Foe – Avoiding the hair salon nightmare, how to get your hair cut the way you want:  Take these tips with you to the hair salon next time you have your hair cut or styled so you can avoid the hair dressing disaster/nightmare. 

Lifestyle – How to stop sabotaging your hair goals and get the hair you want:  Are you inadvertently sabotaging your hair goals?  If your hair never grows or falls out in large numbers, find out the lifestyle changes you may need to change to get the hair you want (or once had)

Protein (It’s not just for building muscles) – Gain strength & length to your hair: Whether you ingest it or apply it to your hair, protein is the great re-builder.  Read ‘how to’ and when.

Hair Bullying – The lowdown on pulling, scratching, rubbing and stinging your hair:  You’ve heard the cliche “treat em mean and keep em keen”? Well the same applies to caring for your hair using our ‘tough love’ techniques.

Tips & Ideas – to grow hair longer, faster, stronger:  Yep, we have more than 50 tips & ideas to help you grow your hair longer and faster.  Better still, these  tips and ideas are inexpensive, mostly natural and will help you have hair in a condition you have likely always envied in others!


2 thoughts on “June 2012 Edition

    • Yes Biotin is essential to healthy hair growth as it assists in building keratin, you can get it naturally from eggs and if you aren’t getting enough from a healthy diet supplements are great to increase your intake

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