May 2012 Edition

Over 50 Tips & Ideas of scientically proven & clinically researched haircare tips and recipe ideas: Research from over 50 Lab Studies and Science Journals supporting over 50 hair tips, ideas and hair care recipies. Evidence based so you know they work.

Hormone Havoc – The effect of hormones on your hair: Find out how the contraceptive pill, menopause and even prostrate problems (in men) can wreak havoc on your hair causing balding and excessive shedding.

The Sun & the Sea – What are they really doing to your hair? The surprising results: Sunshine and water are essential for healthy living but can cause damage to hair.  On the flipside, in some cases they will improve the health of your hair.  Find out how to get the balance right!

The Humble Seed – to help your man regrow his hair & help you to hold onto yours: A seed prescribed by doctors to prevent and reverse baldness? Read about it’s effect on your hair and how it can help you from losing yours.

Fighting Baldness – tackle it head on with proven results: Remedies, treatments and techniques from around the world proven to help you regrow your hair.

Burnt to a crisp – One readers story about being burnt, plus other heat horror stories & the devastating effects:  The battle to stop the straightening and heat tool cycle. How to win the hair battle and get amazing results.

String Theory – What really happens when you cut?:  We have all heard the saying “cutting your hair makes it grow faster“, is it really true or just a myth.  You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Raising the Dead – How to bring your hair back to life:  Before hacking off your dull, lifeless, crappy hair give it a second chance and bring it back to life!

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