April 2012 Edition

The Lush Long Hair Care Guide April 2012

Separating facts from fiction – Hair care that works, tips for maximum hair growth and the alopecia antedote:  If you are tired of being bombarded with random unsubstantiated facts in regards to proper care for your hair, read about the good vs bad styling techniques, clinically proven Alopecia antedotes and well researched treatments to maximise your hair’s growth.

Free DIY hair care recipes:  Forget about purchasing expensive infomercial, miracle cure and outlandishly marketed hyped up hair salon and supermarket products. We have included super easy hair care recipes using natual and inexpensive products from your pantry and around the house.  Ingredients scientifically proven to be of benefit to your hair and its growth.

Colour you won’t need to dye for:  Chemical free, natural, plant based dyes for blondes, redheads, brunettes and darker tresses.  These hair colours protect and nourish your hair without damaging your hair shaft or burn a whole in your back pocket.

Not all oils are created equal – get the facts on which oils work best for smoothing, repairing and moisturising your hair:  Some oils simply sit on your hair making it limp and greasy.  Get the low down on which oils work best and actually penetrate into your hair shaft to help fight off damage and leave your hair stronger.

The secrets to longer, stronger, healthier hair – Natural treatments to stop the shedding:  Losing clumps of hair can be devastating.  We show you methods to lessen hair loss and discuss some of the common causes.  Hair issues inwhich oAmazon book previewnce addressed can actually reverse thinning hair.

Over 50 Tips & Ideas:  An easy reference guide of 50 tips and ideas to help you on your way to keeping your hair healthy and growing.

How to rid yourself of LoMax Hair(LowGrowth/MaxBreakage) forever:  Everything you need to know about reversing damage and increasing the growth rate of your hair.  Take the quiz now and read The Lush Long Hair Care Guide for easy solutions and a revelation in your hair care routines.

Find all this and more inside The Lush Long Hair Care Guide

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